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Krispy Kreme

With Opayo and i-KOS, we now have the right partners in place to unlock the untapped potential of online sales

Nigel PerryInternal Audit Manager

Increasing Conversions

Krispy Kreme is one of the best-loved doughnut brands around the world. Started in New Orleans in 1937, Krispy Kreme finally crossed the Atlantic in 2003 to open their first store in Harrods. Since then, the UK operation has grown to employ over 1000 people. Their recipe for success? Take one fun environment, add a sprinkle of unique products and stir in some brilliant people who love what they do..

Prior to their new gift site being launched, Krispy Kreme struggled to realise the potential of their e-commerce sales channel. Visitors to the online store failed to complete purchases due to poor design and navigation. With a complete website overhaul aided by multi-channel payments provider Opayo and digital agency i-KOS, Krispy Kreme have once again found their ‘sweet spot’.

The new website provides online customers with a great user experience – an ethos which is a key part of the Krispy Kreme company philosophy. It’s been such a success, that it is being used as the blueprint for the redesign of the brands entire UK online presence.

The challenge 

Before their new site launched, Krispy Kreme found making vital improvements to the site proved extremely difficult - as the development agency who maintained it were based outside of the UK.  Krispy Kreme had also lost touch with the payment service provider responsible for processing card payments made on the site; and attempting to re-establish contact with them was ‘proving to be a nightmare’.

In light of these issues, it was agreed that a complete overhaul of Krispy Kreme UK’s e-commerce operation was needed: the FMCG e-commerce market was moving forwards at an incredible pace, and Krispy Kreme were not prepared to be left behind.  As a result, Nigel Perry Internal Audit Manager took responsibility for overseeing the project.

Finding the right partners

Nigel’s focus was on finding a new payment service provider. He was determined to find a reliable and secure service, and so invited three companies to tender for the redevelopment project; "I sent Opayo a request for tender because I had a positive experience of products and services from the wider Elavon Financial Services DAC, and was impressed with the ease of contact and customer service. I was also encouraged by their very successful market entry and rapid growth in the UK payments sector."

When Nigel asked Opayo to recommend one of their development partners the account manager "took the time to listen to requirements and fully understand the scope of the project". When Nigel explained that he needed a flexible and scalable development platform; Opayo proposed i-KOS: a UK-based digital agency. Opayo and i-KOS have worked together for over a decade, delivering exceptional payments functionality for e-commerce websites, built on the open source Drupal platform.

Krispy Kreme were impressed with i-KOS’s strategy, and selected them for the re-development project. 'It was evident from the queries that the team at i-KOS put to us that they fully understood the project and the details that were important to Krispy Kreme as a business.’

The solution

Myles Davidson, i-KOS’ Managing Director comments 'We developed the new gift site on the Drupal Commerce platform, as it provides a highly scalable e-commerce framework enabling us to meet the initial brief whilst laying the foundations for future e-commerce and m-commerce applications’.

Selecting the Drupal platform was significant to the project: it’s an Open Source technology, so businesses that use it do not pay license fees. Drupal enabled Krispy Kreme to invest their full budget in quality development work by i-KOS, instead of paying for expensive proprietary software.

As specialists in Drupal, i-KOS had also developed the latest integration to Opayo – meaning the new website could benefit from the most powerful and feature-rich version of the payment gateway.

Each part of the new website is truly scalable, to cope with future growth of Krispy Kreme’s online sales channel.
Implementing the new website was hassle-free for Krispy Kreme. The technical work was handled almost entirely by i-KOS and Opayo, and their UK-based support teams were quick to respond to queries from Nigel and his colleagues.

The result

The new site launched in December 2012 and has already proved a success. Managing the site is effortless thanks to the user-friendly administration area of the gift store. Structural changes to the site can be made swiftly by i-KOS, and the flexible structure of the Drupal framework means that new functionality can be implemented swiftly. Most importantly, the user-experience for customers is greatly enhanced. Finding a gift is easy, thanks to intuitive navigation. The new gift site is engaging and instantly recognisable as part of the Krispy Kreme brand. Conversion rates have increased significantly, thanks to the seamless transition from shopping basket to checkout.
Consumer confidence has improved, as ‘customers are given comfort in the security of the payment process thanks to the addition of card issuer icons and the trusted Opayo logo’.

The right partners for the job

Redeveloping the gift site is just the first chapter of Krispy Kreme’s e-commerce story. The success of the project has inspired Nigel to explore other areas of the business which can benefit from e-commerce; ‘With Opayo and i-KOS, we now have the right partners in place to unlock the untapped potential of online sales, and continue to develop new revenue streams.  I would recommend Opayo without question. Their quote for tender fully considered all of our concerns and the introduction to i-KOS has enabled Krispy Kreme to develop a much stronger online gift site.  As with other Elavon Financial Services DAC products, my experience of their customer service and ease of contact has been very positive.’