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Skin Diligent

Launching an online business into multiple markets was made simple with an Opayo gateway and first-class customer support.

The business

Started in 2018 by co-founders Didier Magne and Tule Park, Skin Diligent [] is a skincare brand that specialises in natural treatments for acne-prone skin. Its products focus on botanical ingredients and high-tech delivery system solutions that offer an alternative to antibiotics.

The business is based in Notting Hill, London, and launched its product range online in May 2021.

The challenge

After years of research and development, and their products nearing a launch, Didier and Tule started looking for an online gateway to start taking payments, ideally to complement their existing website and to allow customers to pre-order their products.

However, while considering online stores and payment providers, they faced a common hurdle.

“Food supplements are a big red flag in ecommerce,” Didier says.

“Regulation is the EU is tight and claims must be based on what can be proved. We don’t take health lightly but payments providers didn’t want to understand our product and give us a chance.”

Finding the right provider to support them and their goals to operate in multiple markets was challenging but Skin Diligent hit upon the answer with Opayo.

The solution

“We looked around for a very reputable, very sleek gateway,” Tule says.

“We found Opayo, and our account manager went one step further than the rest. She looked at what we wanted to do, saw it wasn’t a risk, and committed through to the end.”

As a result, Skin Diligent went with both Opayo as the gateway provider and Elavon as the acquirer. It resulted in a solution for both the Skin Diligent UK store, accepting British pounds, and its French store, accepting euros.

“It was extremely easy – I can’t say it enough,” Didier says.

“Our account manager was super helpful, super nice, which made it easy for us. The onboarding took less than a week to be arranged, and we were up and running in another week. It was quick, simple and efficient on both the UK and Europe side.”

Why Opayo & Elavon?

The willingness to support their business goals and a simple onboarding process in two markets put Opayo and Elavon ahead of the competition in Didier and Tule’s eyes.

“We were impressed by onboarding and whenever we’ve had issues since and needed help or support, there’s always someone who can understand and stay on the phone until it’s sorted out. It’s sincerely proper service,” Didier says.

“We’re growing as a business. We want to enter new markets in the EU and US and elsewhere. Everything has been so smooth - we’re confident Opayo and Elavon can help us grow.”

“We have no intention to look elsewhere.”