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Cash Flow Forecast Templates

Getting started with cash flow forecasting and reporting can be daunting. To help any business get started, we have compiled a collection of cash flow templates, so business owners can spend more time on calculating your cash flow forecasts and less time formatting documents.

Our cash flow templates can be used for cash flow forecasting, creating cash flow statements, assessing the impact of investments, managing cash outgoings and other cash expense monitoring activities, for a comprehensive view of your business’ finances.


Benefits of Cash Flow Forecasting

Accurate cash flow forecasting and management can have a host of benefits for your eCommerce business, including:

  • Identifying potential future cash flow problems.

    Using cash flow forecasting, you can identify when periods of negative cash flow are likely to occur in the future, giving you time to organise your cash accordingly, take out a cash flow loan, or organise with suppliers to buy on credit. Ensuring that you are able to pay all of your operating expenses on time.

  • Use surplus cash more effectively.

    Forecasting cash flow also identifies periods where you are likely to experience surplus cash. This surplus cash can be either set aside to support your business during any future negative cash flow periods that you may have identified through forecasting, or to consider reinvestment in your business. 

  • Ensure employees and suppliers can be paid on time each month.

    With effective cash flow management you can also maintain positive relationships with both your employees and suppliers, ensuring that you are always able to pay them on time. Building up good relationships with your suppliers also creates the potential for negotiating better deals on bulk purchases, or buying on credit with them in the future to navigate poor cash flow periods.

  • Ensure your business has enough cash to keep operations running for the foreseeable future.

    Operating expenses are some of the most crucial outgoings to keep your business afloat. These include the cost of producing your goods or services, salaries, rent, payment provider fees, taxes and administrative expenses. Being unable to pay these expenses could result in your business being unable to continue operations. Using a cash flow forecast or statement of cash flow, you can ensure that your business always has enough cash to cover these expenses, and make arrangements in good time for periods when cash may not be available.

  • Identify areas where cash outgoings could be reduced.

    Cash flow statements act like structured bank statements, when using the direct method. This means all of your expenses and transactions are laid out, making it clear where your money is going. This can also present the opportunity to review some of your current cash outgoings and see where costs could be reduced to improve future cash flow.

  • Identify late paying clients.

    If you run a buy on credit scheme with any of your customers or clients, there is a chance that you could experience late payments which could disrupt your cash flow. Using a cash flow statement can allow you to identify regularly late paying clients, and present evidence to adjust your credit requirements accordingly, ensuring that you receive payment for your goods or services as soon as possible.

  • Gain a clear understanding of your business’ overall financial health.

    Cash flow forecasts and statements are also useful tools for creating a picture of your business’ overall financial health. They can be used  by investors or internally to understand where investment is possible within the business and the potential benefits or return on these investments. Additionally, while your eCommerce business may be returning a profit, you could find that your business is unable to pay certain expenses on time each month. Identifying where the gaps in your cash flow occur that cause you to be cash flow negative, but return a profit, give you the opportunity to make more informed financial decisions for your business.


Cash Flow Template Downloads

Links to download the cash flow statement templates. These should be created by Opayo in branded Excel format eg.


Conclusion/Next Steps

Download your own cash flow template today to get started using cash flow forecasting and modelling in your eCommerce business.

For more guidance on how to conduct cash flow forecasting and analysis, as well as advice on improving your business cash flow, download the rest of our eBook chapters.

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