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Sharing the love of local


Together we can do something big

Last year was precarious for many of the UK’s local, independent shops and times remain tough. Here at Opayo, we’re fully aware of the commitment, energy and passion of the nation’s indy retailers.  

We know local businesses have responded to the challenges of the pandemic by adapting and innovating. Building or growing their online presence. Creating new ways of serving their customers: from click and collect to home delivery.  

In turn, we’re determined to do what we can to support them: responding to their agility and creativity with a creative pivot of our own. So, although in normal times we are purely a business-to-business company, we have taken to social media to talk directly to consumers. Our goal? To encourage people across the UK to support their local, independent shops and services. 

This initiative started at Christmas with our experimental #GiftLocal campaign. Opayo employees based in Newcastle shared reviews of the local shops and services they use themselves, helping to raise awareness of the online outlets of much-loved local businesses. And we asked consumers to get involved: shouting out for their favourite retailers and shopping locally for presents and food over the holiday season. 

We were thrilled by the traction the campaign gained and by the difference it made. So now we’re taking our ground-breaking initiative further with a whole new campaign for 2021. #golocal.  This time, we’re going nationwide! 

Opayo’s Senior B2B Marketer Jennifer Lim says, “This innovative, customer-facing campaign is all about the Rise of the Online Local. The UK’s indy shops are amazing. By reminding people how much our independent retailers offer, we’re leading the way in encouraging consumers to share their favourite local stores, and to seek out and shop at their Online Locals. And we’re asking other businesses to step up for the independent sector, too!” 

For the next six weeks, we’ll be sharing reviews from Opayo employees who live and work across the UK. They’ll be flagging up their best-loved independent shops: sharing gift ideas, unique products and original services. We’ll be spotlighting guest regions and asking people to get involved and share the love of local.

Now, more than ever, is a time to care more. Whatever your business, whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, we’re challenging you to look for creative ways of supporting your retailers and customers over the coming months. How much can you do?!

Please join us! Get involved. Shout out about the local shops and services you love. Every one of us can make a difference. Together we can do something big.