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We are proud to have attracted a growing worldwide community of store owners, developers, and partners helping each other in the day to day affairs of their online business. osCommerce Online Merchant is available for free as a self hosted e-commerce solution with 7,000+ Add-Ons available for free.
Company profile: 

osCommerce Online Merchant is bundled with the following certified Opayo payment modules:

  • Opayo Form
  • Opayo Server
  • Opayo Direct

All certified Opayo modules are available for free in our download releases and are also available separately as Add-On packages.


Solutions and services: 

We are extremely proud to have striven to make osCommerce Online Merchant work on as many local and web server configurations as possible making it one of the easiest and fastest e-commerce solutions to get up and running.

No additional downloads are required to start accepting Opayo payments as certified payment modules are included as part of the release download package.

We have a community of over 270,000 store owners, developers, and partners waiting to greet and help you start and run your online store. The osCommerce team is directly involved with the community and you may also find them in the community forum live chat room.


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We are proud in working and collaborating with our users and community in making osCommerce Online Merchant a free and popular e-commerce solution used by merchants and developers around the world. Our users have provided over 7,000 free Add-Ons store owners can use to extend their online stores.