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Card Machine for Small Business


Card Machines for Small Businesses

Is your small business looking for a card machine? Whether you’re an independent retail shop or a small franchise of food outlets, more and more customers are using chip and PIN and contactless payments to make purchases. Ensuring you have an effective, reliable card machine in place will be vital to accepting payments quickly and conveniently. 

As a result of recent lifestyle changes, card payments are becoming more prevalent. According to UK Finance, card payments accounted for 51% of all payments in 2019, this theme has continued to unravel as debit cards became the most used payment method in the UK with 17 billion payments, whilst contactless payments reached its highest recorded levels in September 2020

As cash payments continue to fall, being able to accept card payments securely and conveniently via card machines will be the key to unlocking the success of your small business. 

How do I get a card machine for my small business?

Getting the right card machine for your small business is just as important as having one at all. With plenty of card terminals to choose from, there are certain features and functions you’ll need for your business, and some you don’t. So how can you get your card machine for your small business?

  1. Choose whether you would like a standalone, semi or fully integrated set-up

  2. Browse our card machines here

  3. Apply through the Opayo website or speak to a member of the team

  4. Set up your Merchant Account

  5. Once your Merchant ID is confirmed we’ll configure and deliver the card machine/s to you via DPD

  6. Your standalone machine arrives ready to use ‘out of the box’. (If you chose a semi-integrated / integrated option Opayo and your Epos partner will arrange the configuration)

Take payments with countertop card machines

A countertop card machine is for small businesses looking to accept payments from behind a till, counter or reception desk. What was once previously a bulky, expensive option to take payments, is now a lightweight, compact, affordable solution for small businesses. 

Whether you run a boutique retail shop, independent bar or fast-food shop, off license, cornershop, cafe or a beauty salon, a card machine for small businesses is designed to grow your business in a scalable way. 

Pay@Counter is a card payment terminal that can be integrated with your existing till. This card terminal can be vitally important to the smooth running of your small business by clearing queues faster than ever before. When you scan an item, the price is automatically transferred from till to terminal helping you process transactions quickly and securely.

Pay@Reception is an integrated payment solution designed for hotels in the small business industry. Pay@Reception integrates with Oracle Property Management System (PMS) to make it easier and faster to process guest payments. You can save time by cutting back on manual data entry, perform check-outs from anywhere in your hotel, automate end-of-day cash-ups and top-ups and send prices to your device automatically. 

Countertop card machines are easy-to-use and easy-to-set up, simply connect to your broadband or phone line to start accepting payments from the get go. Other benefits of a countertop card machine for small business include: 

  • Fast receipt printing

  • Convenient ways to pay

  • Point-to-point encryption

  • PCI DSS compliant

  • Add gratuity

  • Process refunds

  • Serve customers quickly

For more information, please read about our countertop card machine.


Set up your portable card machine for small businesses

A portable card machine for small businesses is a secure and convenient way to accept credit, debit and contactless payments from anywhere on your premises.
If you are a small business in hospitality, a tradesman or woman, work in charitable service or simply have an independent business, a portable card machine will enable you to take payments whilst on the go.

With dual communication, payments can be processed using a WiFi connection or GPRS technology.

Our Pay@Table card machine solution is designed for small businesses in the hospitality industry. Clear tables and keep your customers coming back by integrating a card terminal with your ePOS system. Pay@Table enables you to input a table or cheque number directly into the terminal and retrieve a bill instantaneously. 

Benefits of a portable card machine for small businesses include:

  • Long lasting battery

  • Small, compact and lightweight

  • PCI DSS compliant

  • Point-to-point encryption

  • More ways to pay

  • Allow international customers to pay in their home currency

  • Option to include gratuity

  • Avoid double-keying errors

  • Integrate with any ePOS solution

For more information, please read about our portable card machine.

Revolutionise payment processing with contactless card machines

According to UK Finance, one out of ten adults used contactless payments in the UK to complete a transaction. In addition to this, in 2019 alone, contactless payments increased by 16% to 8.6 billion payments. This has been driven by a number of factors, including, increased confidence in contactless payments, continued roll-out of contactless debit and credit card and accessibility to contactless payment compatible devices. This is without the effects of world-wide global pandemic which has seen society become even more cashless.

Card machines which accept contactless payments provide customers with a secure, fast and convenient way to pay for products or services. With Near Field Communication (NFC), customers can complete payments with a simple tap of their payment card or their digital wallet without having to enter their PIN. All Opayo card machines are enabled for contactless payments, allowing you to accept a wide range of contactless debit card, credit card and digital payment types. 

Benefits of a contactless card machine for small businesses include: 

  • Customer convenience

  • Reduced queuing time

  • More ways to pay

  • Integrates with ePOS solutions

  • Simple and easy-to-use

  • PCI DSS compliant

  • Point to point encryption

For more information, please read about contactless card payments.

Start growing your small business today!

At Opayo, we can help you find the card machine for your small business. Now is the ideal time to invest in a payment solution as more customers utilise their debit and credit cards to complete payments than ever before. 

Scale up your business in a healthy, manageable way by offering more convenient ways for your customers to pay.