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Hotel Payment Processing


Hotel Payment Processing

Offer a seamless and convenient experience for your guests from booking to checkout with options for your guests to pay however they choose with hotel payment processing systems from Opayo.

The hotel industry was worth $600 billion globally in 2018, having risen at least $8 billion in market share each year since 2014. And with guests from across the world turning more often to cashless payment options, hotels need to ensure that their payment processing system can accommodate however guests choose to pay and whichever currency they choose to pay with. 

Implementing an effective hotel payment processing system will allow for a seamless check-in and check-out process, encouraging repeat bookings and allowing you to cater to your guests preferences, whatever they may be. 

How an online payment system can revolutionise your hotel payment processing operations


Online payment gateways offer a versatile payment processing solution for hotels. An online payment gateway is a merchant service that works to authorise and process card payments made online. These systems capture payment information from the customer and transfer the data to the merchant to complete the transaction. Validating card details and end to end encryption also ensures that both the merchant and the customer’s data are protected throughout the transaction. Hotel owners have the ability to pre-authorise and security check customers before purchase of booking to reduce fraud. Moreover, customers have the ability to pay in multiple currencies via dynamic currency conversion.

Online payment gateways allow hotels to offer guests an easy way to use the hotel website or online booking systems to pre-book or pay for rooms, deposits or other hotel amenities before they arrive, or pre-book and pay on arrival / pre-authorise payments with a card machine. So they have less admin to worry about when checking out on their last day. 

These payment processing systems designed for hotels offer a secure and reliable payment solution for online payments, allowing businesses of all sizes to process transactions from all major credit and debit cards from across the world. 

With fewer people carrying cash on their person, and many switching to cashless payment options for larger transactions, offering a convenient way for guests to pay for their stay online will allow your business to make the most of this booming industry. 

Accept hotel bookings from anywhere, at anytime with a virtual terminal

Start accepting bookings for your rooms anytime and from anywhere using a virtual terminal. Whether your guests choose to book online or over the phone, you can easily and securely process their credit or debit card information to complete their booking. 

Virtual terminals are pieces of software, typically on a secure hosted webpage, that allow merchants to accept and process credit or debit card information. Acting in a similar way to a handheld card machine. 

Virtual terminals offer a simple and quick way for your hotel to accept and process multiple payments and bookings at the same time. Making them an ideal solution for busy hotels processing bookings from guests across different countries and time zones. They are also useful for e-invoicing, giving you customers more ways to pay.

Fast & secure hotel credit card processing solutions

Card payment terminals offer a quick and convenient way to accept credit card or contactless payments at your hotel reception, restaurant or bar. 

Although online payments are becoming an increasingly popular option across the hospitality industry, some guests may not have access to the internet or may not feel comfortable inputting their payment information online. Offering an easy way for them to pay using a credit, debit card or contactless payment option, gives guests the flexibility to choose how they pay. 

Card terminals process payments in just a few seconds, and use end-to-end encryption to keep your customer’s information secure. Card terminals also offer a dynamic solution for processing multi currency payments, ideal for catering to international guests.

For payments at your reception desk, consider a countertop card machine, or for payment solutions that you can bring to your guests, choose a portable card reader for restaurant or bar payments. 

Our Pay@Reception solution improves customer experience and maximises the efficiency of your front desk by providing an effective hotel payment processing system. Pay@Table integrates with Oracle Property Management  System (PMS) to provide a wholly unified payment process and for transaction data to be transferred simply and securely between the ePOS and terminals. The benefits of Pay@Reception for hotel payment processing:

  • Saves time by managing check-in and check-out transaction quickly and easily, reduces the need for manual data entry, and enables check-out duties to be conducted from anywhere, with or without the cardholder.

  • Simplifies processes by automating end-of-day cash-ups and top-ups, automatically transfers prices to devices, and works with major acquirers.

  • Stay up to speed by giving your front house the latest payment terminals, providing dynamic currency conversion, accept high-value contactless payments, popular cards & payment types, remain PCI-compliant and benefit from P2PE encryption and integrated card tokenisation.

  • All of our card machines can be integrated with a POS or ePOS system for greater customisation, and end to end solutions that you can integrate with your website for streamlined payment processing.

Secure your hotel’s payment systems


With many more ways of processing payments and accommodating guests payment preferences, it is vitally important to protect your business and your customers from credit or debit card scams. 

While many payment processing systems also work to ensure that your business is protected from scams, there are some key things to keep an eye out for.

Be wary of hurried purchases and ensure that your guests provide consistent addresses when completing online transactions. Additionally, make sure to verify the identity of first-time guests and authenticate their location to avoid falling victim to a scam. 

To help your business prevent credit and debit card fraud, all of our hotel payment processing systems are PCI DSS compliant and use advanced fraud detection screening tools to authenticate all of your transactions. Giving you and your guests peace of mind. For more information, please read our guide to eCommerce fraud prevention.

Need help with your hotel payment processing?

Opayo’s hotel payment processing systems can allow your business to accept bookings and payments for your hotel’s amenities in the most convenient way for your guests. From processing international currency payments online, to paying for meals in your restaurant, our payment systems offer flexible solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes to cater to their guest’s preferences.

Opayo’s payment processing services offer a reliable and secure solution, with end to end encryption, tailored fraud prevention and 24/7 support available from our UK based team. Making it easier for your hotel to implement and manage effective payment processing solutions.