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Merchant Services for Travel Agencies


Merchant Services for Travel Agencies

With more and more people travelling abroad each year in recent years, as well as the rise in domestic travel since the COVID-19 pandemic, there is increasing pressure on travel agents to ensure they are providing the right payment services and solutions. And with that, comes the need for effective merchant services for travel agencies.

Booking holidays and other travel arrangements typically involves high value transactions. And with less of us carrying around cash in large quantities, cashless payment options are fast becoming the preferred way to pay, particularly for larger value items and services. 

With so many different ways to make cashless payments, customers are often looking for their preferred payment method. Making it important for travel agencies to accept a wide range of payment options. Many customers feel safer making higher value payments using credit cards for example, as they offer a level of protection in the event of disruption to their travel plans, through the option to request a charge-back.

To start accepting cashless payment options in-person, online and over the phone you will need to set up a merchant account for your travel agency. 

Finding a suitable merchant provider can be challenging for travel agencies as the industry is considered by many providers to be high risk. Recent months have served to prove how high risk the travel sector can be, with factors outside the control of the travel agents or travellers causing disruption and requiring refunds or credit notes. 

Long gaps of time between customers paying for their travel plans and their departure date, also present risk to travel agencies. This window of time is typically around 90 days long, during which changes in traveller’s tickets or flights can occur which can prompt customers to request a chargeback. 

Discover Opayo’s merchant services for travel agencies to find a merchant provider that can help your travel agency switch to cashless payment processing quickly and easily.

How to setup a merchant account for travel agents

To start accepting credit cards, debit cards, and other contactless payments in person, over the phone or online, you will need to create a merchant account (also called a merchant ID) to process these transactions. 

Merchant accounts act as a middleman between your bank account and your customers’, so you can move funds between your accounts and complete transactions seamlessly. Merchant accounts also ensure that the correct funds are available for transactions to take place. Ensuring that your travel agency is protected from fraudulent transactions and your customer’s personal information remains secure. 

With a merchant account, your travel agency can start accepting a range of payment options, including MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Paypal transactions. 

Opayo offers competitive and affordable transaction rates to suit travel agencies of all sizes. And our merchant accounts are PCI compliant, ensuring that your customer’s data remains protected. 

Our team is also on hand 24/7 to help you manage your merchant account, and offer a handheld application process to provide support each step of the way. 

Get started with Opayo’s merchant services for travel agencies today by registering your merchant ID with us, or, let us help you get set up creating your new merchant account quickly and easily with the help of our team.

Improve your travel agency payment processing

Once your merchant account is set up, you can start offering flexible payment solutions to your customers straight away. 

Whether you require an online payment gateway or virtual terminal to allow your customers to pay for their travel arrangements online or over the phone at their convenience.

Or a physical card payment terminal so your customers can pay in their preferred way in store. Our range of Point of Sale (POS) terminals include countertop card machines, portable terminals and smart terminals, offering a range of services from processing refunds to dynamic currency conversion for international transactions or currency exchanges. 

Offering an effective and reliable payment processing solution is essential for businesses in the travel industry. Ensuring that you can process high volume transactions seamlessly, so your customers can rest assured that their money, and their travel plans, are in safe hands. 

Ideal for any business adjusting to the rising popularity of cashless payment solutions.

Reduce fraud & accept payments securely

The travel industry is considered high risk for credit and debit card scams and due to the prevalence of charge backs. Mitigating the risk posed by the travel industry can be a challenging task, particularly for smaller travel agencies. 

Using Opayo’s payment processing solutions will help to ensure your customers and your business are protected from credit and debit card fraud. With our advanced fraud screening tools, including two-factor authentication with 3D secure processing and AVS, your customer’s data is carefully verified and handled confidentially at every step of each transaction.

All of our payment solutions are also PCI DSS Compliant, giving you and your customers peace of mind in every transaction. 

If you want to ensure that you achieve and maintain compliance with the PSD2 SCA regulations and continue to provide frictionless payment processing for your customers, read our guide to PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for the Travel and Hospitality Sector which will provide you with some valuable insights.

For more information, please read our guide to eCommerce fraud prevention.

Need help with your travel agency merchant services?

Providing customers with a wider variety of payment options is fast becoming an industry standard for travel agencies. Allowing your customers to pay in their preferred way, securely can help your business to process greater value transactions and gain loyalty from your customers. While helping your business to combat fraud and reduce chargebacks. 

Opayo’s range of payment processing solutions for travel agencies allows agencies of all sizes to start implementing cashless processing systems. 

PCI DSS compliant, and 24/7 support on hand to help your business in every step of the way towards cashless payment solutions, contact us today to get started setting up your merchant account with Opayo.