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In-store & Online Pharmacy Payment Processing


In-store & Online Pharmacy Payment Processing

The pharmaceutical industry is an important player within the United Kingdom, with most recent figures suggesting the sector will be worth an estimated £23 billion by 2023. With that in mind now has never been a more important time for both brick and mortar and online pharmacies to invest in the most up to date payment solutions such as online pharmacy payment processing systems which are effective, secure, fast and reliable in order to keep up with health care needs of their communities. 

Not only do these pharmacy payment processing solutions help drive new business and maintain current customers they help pharmacies stand out from their competition.

Pain-free payments with online pharmacy payment processing

An online pharmacy payment processing method such as an online payment gateway, is vital to pharmacies in order to process payments for prescriptions in a safe, secure and more convenient way, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s therefore essential pharmacies can cater to the needs of their customers by giving them the option to pay for their prescription online. It’s also important to utlise online payment methods as consumer purchasing habits change and more people turn to digital. 

Essentially, a payment gateway allows a pharmacy to be able to accept card payments online. It’s a secure link between your website and your merchant bank. 

Benefits of online pharmacy payment processing: 

  • Process payments safely and securely: Our top priority is fraud prevention, with free built-in fraud prevention tools as standard, you can protect your business as well as customers from the threat of fraud. With ASV, CV2 or CVV checks as well as ACI ReD Shield (at an additional cost) we can use real-time data to determine whether fraudulent activity has taken place.

  • Accept a range of debit & credit cards: They allow you to accept all major credit and debit cards therefore, expanding your customer reach by offering more ways to pay.

  • Convert more sales: By offering your customers the ability to pay online you can convert more sales. With a greater number of customers looking to pay for their prescription online, you’ll never miss an opportunity to complete their order.

  • Process transactions quickly: Online pharmacy payment processing is one of the quickest ways to process your transactions. With no face-to-face contact necessary, customers can simply pay for their prescriptions from anywhere at any time.

Why you need a pharmacy POS system

Pharmacy POS (point of sale) systems help pharmacies and pharmacists accept payments electronically which is vital when the world is fast becoming a contactless society and digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, are growing in popularity. 

These pharmacy POS solutions also allow staff to better manage sales transactions, ensure both PCI and health care regulation compliance, and generate insights on store performance, margin opportunities, and customer loyalty.

Every pharmacy business is unique, therefore it’s important to choose the right POS system. Each one ranges in scope and functionality. Popular pharmacy POS systems can include countertop card machines, which allow you to serve customers at a single location, whilst portable card machines let you take the payment to customers.

Pharmacy POS systems allow you to: 

  • Serve customers faster - less fumbling with cash and wasted time looking for change.

  • Accept a range of debit/credit cards

  • Attract and maintain customers 

  • Streamline business operations

  • Generate detailed sales reports, manages inventory, and simplifies end-of-day accounting

  • Securely accept payments for prescriptions and manage sales transactions

How an ePOS pharmacy system can give you a complete end-to-end solution

Running a pharmacy comes with huge responsibility; managing a customer's healthcare products. This is where a pharmacy ePOS (electronic point of sale) system is ideal. They go that one step further than traditional POS systems. 

ePOS pharmacy systems enable the smooth running of daily operations, stock level and staff management which are all helpful for future planning. They also all come with easy to use touchscreen hardware and have flexible software to suit each individual pharmacy’s requirements. 

Features including industry updates, smart stock and automated ordering all combine to help staff achieve an accurate and timely service which is both useful for independent or a group of pharmacies. They can also be integrated with any existing accounting and warehousing software. 

The systems help to drive up profit margins, reduce costs, improve stock management, increase customer spend and generally raise efficiency of all staff members. And importantly, enhances customer service.

Get started with our in-store and online pharmacy payment processing

Here at Opayo know how important it is for you to provide the best payment solutions for your pharmacy in order to meet your customers' needs enabling them to pay in a way that suits them, be it online or instore using a debit or credit card, contactless or mobile and digital wallets etc. 

Leading pharmacies utilise Opayo payment processing solutions to serve their customers efficiently and safely, with many large pharmacies such as Wells Pharmacy hosting over 880 terminals across the UK allowing for a mix of WiFi & GPRS capabilities at their sites.

For a smooth integration and more efficient pharmacy payment processing, our dedicated team will support you in creating a payment solution that is tailored to your pharmacies requirements. 

Our team is available 24/7 to discuss your pharmacies payment system requirements.