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Restaurant & Bar POS System


Restaurant & Bar POS System

At Opayo, we understand that for restaurants and bars, the customer experience can be equally as important as the quality of food and drink that you serve. Integrating a designated restaurant POS system can help your business create a tailored customer experience from start to finish. Keep pace with changes in consumer preferences and ensure that you are always able to let your customers check out in their preferred way, from splitting the bill to currency conversion. 

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are made up of hardware and software that are designed to accept and process transactions via credit card, debit card, cash, contactless and mobile payments. Modern restaurant POS systems also now support features such as inventory management, sales analysis and customer loyalty programmes. Streamlining your business admin and reporting processes. 

It has been recently estimated that the UK restaurant and service industry is worth approximately £90 billion. And now, with so many ways to pay and with the rising demand for take-away and online orders hitting the industry, restaurants and bars need an adaptive POS system that can allow them to keep pace with these changes. 

Streamline your payment process and ensure that each of your customers can pay in their preferred way by integrating a point of sale system for your restaurant and bar. 

What are the benefits of a Restaurant POS system

Investing in the right POS system for your restaurant or bar can allow you to offer tailored customer payments and help to streamline your business processes in a number of ways. 

  • Serve customers quickly

    With capabilities to process transactions via a range of payment options, customers can quickly and easily pay in their preferred way every time. With no additional steps needing to be taken to switch between different payment options between customers. Additionally, portable restaurant POS solutions bring the payment device to your customer, reducing queuing at your central POS system. 

  • Contactless payments

    Over the last few months, there has been a rise in the use of contactless payment methods across the retail and service industries, which is likely to continue in the future. Contactless payments are a quick and efficient way for customers to make lower value transactions, an ideal feature of a bar POS system. 

  • Accept all major credit and debit cards

    Allowing your customers to pay with their preferred credit or debit card can create a smoother and more efficient checkout process. Additionally, by offering more ways to pay your business is able to cater to a wider potential customer base and encourage customer retention 

  • Dynamic currency conversion

    Ideal for busy city centre restaurants serving tourists or international customers, dynamic currency conversion features on restaurant and bar POS systems allow customers to complete their transaction in their preferred currency. Creating simplified and faster transactions in alternative currencies. 

  • Split the bill

    Automatic bill splitting capabilities make serving and processing transactions from large groups of customers more efficient. Your POS system can automatically calculate the cost per head with bill splitting, avoiding the need for manual calculations and ensuring that everyone pays the right amount.

  • Offer gratuity

    With fewer people carrying cash on their person, cash tips are slowly becoming less convenient for customers. Restaurant POS systems present the customer with the option to add a gratuity when they are completing their card or contactless payment. So customers can still recognise your staff’s hard work.

  • Cashback

    Accept and process more types of payment options including cashback cards and transactions. If your business includes cashback as part of your customer loyalty scheme, your restaurant POS system will also be able to process these transactions and retrieve information from your customer’s loyalty account.

  • Secure and reliable transactions

    Opayo’s restaurant POS systems offer end-to-end encryption to ensure that your business and customer’s data is safe throughout the transaction. 

  • Streamline operations

    Restaurant and bar POS systems automatically keep track of sales, customer loyalty programmes, currency conversions and stock inventory. Automating these processes reduces time spent on business admin and streamlines sales reporting and analysis processes.

  • Generate detailed sales reports

    Many bar and restaurant POS systems are also capable of automatically generating detailed sales reports. By consistently tracking sales and transactions made across your business, the POS system can collate this information to generate detailed reports on a timescale of your preference. These reports can also compliment your POS inventory management features by identifying and trends or seasonality in purchases of certain menu items.

  • Inventory management

    Through tracking your sales, your restaurant POS system can also assist with inventory management, identifying your most popular menu items and identifying low stock levels. This is especially useful for managing stock of fresh produce, as with detailed sales information, you will be able to identify the best time to re-order this stock that ensures it will not go out of date before it can be used.

  • Simplified end-of-day accounting

    The live sales tracking features of your POS make end of day tasks such as cashing up, easier. With calculations done for you and reports automatically generated, you can manage daily accounting more accurately and efficiently.

A pay at table experience

An enjoyable customer experience is a valuable part of enjoying a meal or a drink out at a restaurant or bar, for many customers. Creating an efficient checkout process that reduces customer wait times by integrating restaurant ePOS systems into your business can allow you to increase your customer’s satisfaction and keep them coming back to your business. 

Pay @ Table is an efficient ePOS solution for bar and restaurant businesses, designed to reduce customer wait times and provide a payment process that suits all your customers. With Pay @T able you can bring the till to your customers, and allow them to split their bill, pay in their chosen currency and offer the option to include a gratuity. Saving your staff time moving between tables and your till, dealing with currency conversion and/or handling cash gratuities. 

Pay @ Table is also designed to be simple for staff and customers to use. With features that prevent double-keying errors and the ability to seamlessly integrate with any existing ePOS solution, including Oracle. 

Serve customers swiftly with a countertop or portable card machine

Using a card payment terminal will allow your bar or restaurant business to quickly and efficiently process credit or debit card transactions from your customers. All of Opayo’s countertop card readers and portable payment terminals accept all leading credit and debit cards, and offer end to end encryption for fast and secure payment processing. 

Countertop card machines accept payments at a fixed location on your premises. Ideal for accepting payments at the bar or at a counter in smaller cafe settings. Portable card readers offer a dynamic solution for restaurants or larger bars, allowing you to complete customer payments wherever they are sitting. 

All card machines can also be easily integrated with an existing POS or ePOS system for greater customisation abilities, end-to-end solutions and to accept higher value payments. Many card readers are also equipped to integrate with your ecommerce website, making sales tracking and analysis easier as many customers switch to online takeaway orders. 

Need help setting up your Restaurant & Bar POS system?

Investing in a restaurant POS system has the potential to revolutionise how you accept payments and manage sales and admin across your business. Bring payments to your customers and reduce wait times with Pay @ Table and Opayo’s range of card readers. 

All of our bar and restaurant POS systems are PCI DSS compliant and feature end-to-end encryption for secure transactions, giving you and your customers peace of mind. 

Join other leading restaurants like Wagamama, Barburrito and Butlers Chocolates in implementing our restaurant POS system. For more information on implementing bar and restaurant POS systems in your business, contact our UK based support team today.