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Creating a User

Your MySagePay area allows you to create users to grant access to others on your account.

In order to create a user you must first log into the account as a user with administrative rights. 

This can either be the main administrative user that is set-up as standard with your account, or a user you have previously created.

Creating a User

Once logged into your MySagePay as a user with administrative rights you will be able to create users.

Select the Settings tab from the options along the top of your MySagePay screen, followed by Users.  This will then present you with the User Administration screen.

Once on the User Administration screen you will be able to create a user by simply selecting the New User button on the bottom right of the screen.

You will then be able to enter the details of the user you want to create, and the privileges that user has on your account.

You will first need to create a username, and enter the personal details of the user you are adding to your account. 

Adding an email address

Next, you will need to enter an email address.  Users with email addresses added to their account are able to receive news and updates about the Opayo platform and also be able to request password reminders when having trouble logging into the account. Before the user can receive emails they will first need to validate the email address.   

To find out more about users and emails have a look at our article.

Every user created on your account should have an email address assigned to them.  By providing a email address with each user you create your users will be able manage their own account far more effectively. 

What happens next?

Then, you will need to create a password for the user, or allow the user to enter this directly.  

The username and password are the details the user will sign into your MySagePay area with.

Following this you will then need to set the permissions and privileges of the user.

This will give the user the right to process transactions, perform refunds, void, release, authorise, or repeat transactions on your account.


The privileges you set your users will depend on what you have enabled on your account with us.

There are 7 options as to what you can allow the users on your account to do.  Depending on the user, you will be able to either grant or restrict certain actions on your account.

You can set users to process transactions and refunds.  

The privileges are centred on the transactions processed through your account, and any actions that can be taken against these.

MySagePay Access

You will then be able to grant the user rights to view parts of your MySagePay area.  From viewing transactions, processing through the terminal, to granting administration rights on the account.

Each box you select for the user will allow them to access a specific part of your MySagePay.

Default Landing Page

After you have granted the user privileges and permissions you can then set the page they will first see when logging into your account.  

The page you would like the user to land on must first have been enabled in MySagePay Access.  

Once you are happy with the new user simply click Add User and this will add the new user to your account.