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Priority Reports

Priority reports are custom reports you can receive directly from Opayo.

These reports are sent directly to your own specific mailing list and can be customised to suit your own business needs.

When can I receive Priority Reports?

Priority Reports are built to suit the needs of your own business.  Because of that we can send reports to you :

  • Daily – Either AM or PM for the previous days transactions.​
  • Weekly – Covering the last 7 days of transactions processed through your account.
  • Monthly – A full breakdown of all transactions that are processed through your account.

Who are the reports sent to?

You decide who you would like the reports to be sent too.  When setting up the report we will ask who you would like included in the mailing list.

What do Priority Reports contain?

When deciding what information you would like included in your reports you can choose from the following fields;-

Transaction ID

Payment Type

Featurespace Action

Billing Name

Customer Name

Last 4 Digits

Batch ID

Billing Address


Received (Date & Time)


Delivery Address

Vendor Tx Code

VPS Authcode


Card name

Success (Tx State)

Bank Authcode


Card Address

System (Integration)

CV2 Result



Account Type (Merchant Account Used)

Address Result



Amount (Inc. Surcharge)

Post Code Result

Featurespace Score



3D Secure

Featurespace ID



You are able to choose as many or as few of the fields you would like to be included.

What format are Priority Reports?

Priority Reports are sent in either excel or CSV format. 

You can select the information you would like to be included in your report, and which of the 2 file types you would like to receive.

How do I get Priority Reports?

If you would like to know more about Priority Reports, or you would like to start receiving these please give our Sales Team a call and they will be able to get this started for you.

Just call 0845 111 4466 and our team will be happy to help.