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Enable Opayo in Sage Business Cloud Accounts


The first thing you will need to do to enable Opayo within Sage Business Cloud Accounting is to log in using the credentials we have sent you.  You can do this by going to and selecting login.  

Once logged you will see the main user interface that you can use to enable Opayo.

From this screen you will need to select the “Settings” option to begin enabling Opayo on your account.

After opening “settings” you will be presented with 2 options. 

  • My Sage Business Cloud Accounting – here you can manage all of the users that are currently active on your account.
  • Accounts Extra – this section allows you to manage your Financial Settings, Opening Balances, and Business preferences.

You will need to select Accounts Extra in order to enable Opayo on your account.

You will then need to select Credit Card & Customer Payments.

This will open the Opayo Credentials screen where you can enter the details of your Opayo account.

You will need to enter –

  • Vendor Name – your Opayo Vendor Name .
  • User Name – a user name you have created to be used with your Sage Business Cloud Accounting accounts.
  • Password – the password you have created for the user details entered.
  • Encryption Password – your Opayo encryption password.
  • MOTO Payments – if you would like to process telephone payments.
  • Pay Now Payments – if you would like to process Invoice Payments payments.
  • Ecommerce – if you would like Sage Business Cloud Accounting to download your Opayo ecommerce transactions.

Find out how to create a user within your Opayo account and how to obtain your Opayo encryption password.

You will also need to select the accounts and customers you would like your accounts to record your transactions too.

Once done, select Save and this will enable Opayo within your Sage Business Cloud Accounting account.

You are now ready to start processing transactions.