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Gift Aid

In the UK, the government runs a scheme called Gift Aid that enables charities to claim the basic rate of tax on every pound.

By using gift aid charities are able to claim more at no extra cost to shoppers or donators.

How does Gift Aid work?

Every time a transaction/donation is processed through your account you are able to claim back the tax on every pound that is received.

This is 25p in every £1 given after the 6th April 2008, anything donated before this will be 28p of every £1.

For example, if you use Gift Aid and a transaction/donation is processed for £100 your business is able to claim £25 (25% basic tax rate) bringing the total to £125.

Who can use Gift Aid?

Only registered charities can use Gift Aid through the Opayo platform. 

If you are not a charity you will not be able to use this through Opayo.

How do I use Gift Aid on my Opayo account?

For Opayo FORM and SERVER integration users your customers will be presented with a “tick box” on the payment pages that they can select.

Opayo DIRECT vendors will need to implement this on their own website so customers can “opt in” to the Gift Aid scheme.

Why do I need the tick box?

The tick box is the declaration your customer is making to confirm they are happy for the vendor to claim the tax on the transaction/donation they have made to your business.

The tick box does not complete any of the steps needed to claim the tax on the transaction/donation. 

It is only the declaration from your customer to confirm they are happy for you to claim the tax on the transaction.