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Adding more merchant numbers

When using Opayo to process your transactions you may want to add another merchant number to your account.

Common reasons for adding merchant numbers are:

  • Adding more currencies to your account.
  • You want to accept both e-commerce and MOTO transactions through your account.

We can help with adding the new details to your account

How do I add the merchant number?

After you have spoken to your merchant bank, and obtained your new merchant number you will need to send this onto us.

When sending the new merchant number you will need to complete the merchant number addition form and e-mail this to

The form you need to complete depends on who your acquirer is. If you’re acquirer is Barclays we’ll need some additional details, you can find a copy of the Barclays Merchant Services Merchant Number Addition Form here. If you’re with a different acquirer you can find a copy of our Merchant Number Addition Form here.

We will also need you to send this request from the listed billing contact on your account.

Why do I need to send this from the Billing Contact?

We always ask that any changes to your account are sent from the billing contact for security.

Also as we are making changes to your account that can impact the cash flow and the destination of funds for your account that the person listed as responsible for the account requests this.

How long does this take?

When adding the merchant number on your account this normally takes between 3-5 working days to be fully active.

If we encounter any problems with your merchant account, or the number you have provided the timescales can change.

How do I know it has been done?

Once we have made the addition, and the new merchant number has been added onto your account we will send you an e-mail to confirm this has been done.

You will then be able to process transactions through your account using the new merchant number.