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Adding more currencies

If you would like to add more currencies to your account you will first need to speak with your merchant bank.  

Your merchant bank will either:

  • Enable this on your current merchant number
  • Provide you with a new merchant number

We will then be able to help getting the additional currencies available on your account.

Enabled on your current merchant account

If your bank have enabled the additional currencies on your current merchant account we will need you to e-mail with the details of the currency, and merchant number it has been enabled on.

We will then be able to send a request to your merchant bank to confirm this information and enable the currency for you.

New merchant number provided

If your bank have issued you with a new merchant number for the additional currency we will need you to complete a merchant number addition form and send this to us.

You will need to give us the details of the new merchant number, the currency you would like adding, and the account it is to be added onto.  

We will then be able to add this to your account and send the request off to your bank to be confirmed.

How long does this take?

When adding new currencies onto accounts this normally takes between 3-5 working days to be fully active.

If we encounter any problems with your merchant account, or the currency you have selected the timescales can change.

How do I know it has been done?

Once we have made the change, and the new currency has been added onto your account we will send you an e-mail to confirm this has been done.

You will then be able to process transactions through your account using the new currency.