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Forgot your Merchant Number?

Your merchant number is a very important part of the transactional process when using our system.

If you do not know your merchant number, or are having difficulty locating this, there are a number of places where this information can be found.

Merchant Account Statements

Your merchant bank will provide you with a statement with the activity on the account, or the charges for the month.

Almost all communication you receive from your merchant bank will include your merchant number.

Online Banking

Similar to the above your merchant bank have issued you with the merchant account so the details will be available on their platform.


Within your MySagePay area you will be able to locate the merchant number that has been used for each transaction.

Simply log into your MySagePay account and select the transactions tab, click on any transaction to load the transaction detail screen.

Once here select the Authorisation Details tab and your merchant number will be displayed here.

If you are still having difficulty obtaining your merchant account please contact your merchant bank directly, they will then be able to provide you with the information you require.

Please remember that we cannot provide you with your merchant number.