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Multiple Websites - how many Opayo accounts do I need?

If a business has more than 1 website they are able to all process transactions through the same Opayo account.  

Only websites that are part of the same company can process through the same Opayo account.  

How do I tell my transactions apart?

If you have multiple websites processing transactions through the same account you will need to be able to tell your transactions apart.  

Every transaction that is processed through any Opayo account must have a "VendorTXCode" (transaction reference) assigned to it.  This reference is assigned to your transactions by your website as the order is being built.  

The vendor tx code has a character limit of 40 and can be a mixture of letters, numbers, or symbols.  

What we advise is that each website you have has its own prefix added to the beginning of the vendor tx code.  This will allow you to identify what website each transaction is being sent from.  

How many websites can I link to my account?

We would always advise not to have more than 5-10 different websites linked to the same Opayo account.  

Having too many websites pointing to the same Opayo account can cause confusion and disruption to your finances.

Can I make each website's funds go into individual bank accounts?

No, as all of your websites are pointing to the same Opayo account all funds will be settled into the same account.

Once the funds have settled into your business bank account you will then need to identify the amounts for each site and then move the funds into the relevant account.

What if I have multiple websites for different companies?

If you have multiple companies with multiple websites they each require their own Opayo account.  

Any business that has its own merchant account will need to have an individual Opayo account.  As individual companies have their own bank accounts the funds will need to be settled into the right account to be recorded correctly.