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Address, Postcode, and Security Key Checks

All accounts set-up with Opayo are able to use the AVS and CV2 fraud checking tools. These fraud prevention tools offer you security on the transactions that have been processed through your account.

What is AVS?

The AVS or Address Verification System uses the address details that are provided by your shopper to verify the address is registered to the card being used.

The checks on the AVS is not carried out by Opayo but by the banks during the authorisation process.  

Both the address and the postcode numerical values are checked by the banks and the resulted are then displayed to you with MySagePay.

The alpha characters of the address are not checked during the AVS fraud checking during any stage of the authorisation process.

AVS is available to use with our Online Payments, Mail & Telephone Order Payments, and eInvoice Payments processed through your account.

What is CV2?

CV2, CVV, or Card Verification Value is a check that is carried out on the card used for the transaction.

The check uses the 3 digit security code – commonly found on the reverse of cards on the signature strip. This then verifies the 3 digit security code is the correct code for the card that is being used.

Again, Opayo do not carry out this fraud prevention check.  This is carried out by the banks and the results are again available to you within your mysagepay admin area.

The aim of these security checks is to provide additional information on each transaction which arms you, the vendor, with information to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.


  • Quick Results: Both AVS and CV2 checks are carried out in real-time, so you receive the results at the same time as the authorisation result.
  • Providing more information: You are provided with more information about the transaction so that you can quickly decide whether or not you need to carry out any further fraud screening checks.
  • Early fraud indicators: A failed or partially failed AVS and CV2 result is often an early indication that the order may be fraudulent.
  • Limited errors: We break down the results of AVS and CV2 into three categories to cut down on the number of failed results due to customer error.
  • Automatic fraud screening: You can set up a rule base on your Opayo account to automatically accept or reject transactions based on the results of the AVS and CV2.


  • AVS is a UK scheme only: It is not possible to check AVS on overseas orders.
  • Only Address numerics are checked: The non-numerical characters in the billing address and post code are not checked as part of the AVS checks. 
  • Unable to check AVS/CV2 on company cards: If you accept company credit cards you are not able to receive results on all company cards.  This is due to the banks not having access to this information.