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Featurespace explained

Although Featurespace is a separate company to Opayo, they work with us to provide you with additional protections on your account.

How does it work?

Whenever a transaction is processed through your account the information of the payment is passed through to Featurespace.

Featurespace will then use this information to perform checks and provide you with a score for the transaction. This score will then be displayed within MySagePay as part of the fraud prevention checks available on your account.

What information does Featurespace check?

Once a transaction has been processed through your account the details of the transaction are passed through to Featurespace for a score to be built.

Featurespace will use all transactional information to provide you with a score and a rating for each transaction. 

Have a look to see what checks are carried out by the Featurespace

What score’s do they provide?

Once Featurespace have reviewed the transaction you will be given a numerical score, along with a rating.  

The available ratings are:

  • OK    – Low Risk 
  • REJECT    – High Risk

Along with the scoring, and ratings, Featurespace results will be available to you within MySagePay using a traffic light display. 

The colour coding of each rating gives you a visual indication of the possible risk of each transaction.  

You can then decide what action you would like to against the transaction.

Where do I find the scores?

All transactions processed through the Opayo system are available to you within MySagePay. To view the scores that have been provided simply log into your MySagePay and click on the “Transactions” tab. 

You will then see your transaction list along with Featurespace rating.  

To view the scoring breakdown further you will need to click on the individual transaction followed by “Fraud Results” tab.  

What are the benefits of Featurespace?

  • Helps to avoid fraud and chargebacks: By using Featurespace scoring system you will be able to identify transactions that are highlighted as risks and take steps to prevent fraud on your account. Featurespace provide you with more information about the person making the purchase and lets you identify fraud before it takes place.
  • No integration and Easy to use: Featurespace is available to you as soon as your account is Live within mysagepay.  Also there is no integration that you need to take in order to have this on your account.
  • Informative: the detailed risk analysis will provide you with the reasons why a transaction was given a particular fraud score. This will aid your decision making on whether or not you wish to accept or reject a transaction.