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Activating Customised payment pages


Now that you have made the changes to your customised payment pages and we have add these to your account all you need to do is activate these on your account.

Test or Live?

After your customised payment pages have been sent to us we will first add these onto your test account.  Once you have activated these in test and you are happy with your pages we will then add these on to your Live account.

The guide below can be used on both your Test and Live accounts.

You can only activate your customised payment pages once we have added them to either your test or live account, also you will need to activate your customised payment pages on both test and live individually.

Log In to MySagePay

Before you can activate the Custom Payment pages on your account you must first log into your MySagePay as a user with administrative rights.

To do this, login to your Live MySagePay or if you would like to activate your Custom Payment pages onto your Test account login to your Test MySagePay. 

Activating Custom Payment pages

After you have logged into your MySagePay panel all you need to do is select the “Settings” tab, followed by the “Settings” option again.

Once you have selected settings you will be able activate the Custom Payment pages on your account. To do this click “edit” on the Account Settings box.

You will then be able to select Custom Payment pages you would like to apply to your account.  There are 4 options available to you when changing the payment page templates.

  • Default – The standard Opayo hosted and branded payment pages.  
  • Address read-only – Using the standard payment pages, however the address details cannot be changed.
  • No address – Standard Opayo payment pages with no shopper address details on the pages.
  • Custom – Your own custom payment pages that have been added to your account.

By selecting custom you will enable your Custom Payment pages onto your account.  Once done all transactions processed through your account will be presented with your own payment pages, and not the Opayo standard paged.