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Step 2 - Create a new user

Creating a user

Once logged into Test MySagePay using your administration login details, you will be able to create a user.

Select the Settings tab from the options along the top followed by Users.  The User Administration screen should appear.

Click on the New user button and enter the details of the user you wish to create.  You will need to give the user sufficient privileges to process transactions and refunds.  The user details will only work in Test MySagePay for testing purposes.  You will need to recreate your users at a later stage in Live MySagePay.

When creating any user it is important to remember to add an email address.  By adding an email address the user will be able to request password reminders and be able to receive news and updates from Opayo about the system.  To find out more about users and emails have a look at our article.

User settings explained

  • Account privileges: These are the different types of transactions that can be processed via MySagePay
  • MySagePay access: These are different functions available within MySagePay.  It doesn't affect the ability to process transactions.
  • Default landing page: This is the page the user will land on every time they log into MySagePay

​​What's next

Log out of Test MySage Pay and log back in using the new user details you just created.