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Step 1 - Logging into to Test MySagePay

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Two MySagePay environments are available - Test and Live.  To test your integration, you will need to log into Test MySagePay:

Test MySagePay 
Live MySagePay

Log in details

The administration log in details for Test MySagePay and Live MySagePay are identical.  Be sure to log in the correct environment.  The administration log in details are sent by email to our vendors when their account is initially set up.  If you're a developer, you will need to ask the vendor to share the log in details with you.  Our log in details are made up of Vendor name, Username and Password.  


Administration log in details

The Administrator account only allows you to create and manage other users in MySagePay. You will not be able to view any transactions when logged in. You must therefore create your own user account before you are able to access the real MySagePay system.

Things to be aware of
  • The vendor name will always remain the same
  • The username and password are specific to each account.  A vendor may have multiple accounts.
  • If you have created a user in Test MySagePay, it will not automatically be created in Live MySagePay