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Opayo Protocol

The Opayo protocol is a range of fields that are required from your system in order to process a transaction through our platform.

They allow transactions to be processed from your account, to our systems with specific information that is required for any orders.

Why have one?

It is important to have protocols as they clearly outline what can, and can’t be accepted be submitted to our system.  The protocols also allow you to understand what can be expected from our system to your own.

Without the protocols you will not be able to process any transactions through our systems. 

Different types 

Each type of integration has its own version of the protocol.  Along with this we also have multiple versions of our protocol available to use when integrating with our systems.

We always advise when integrating your site with us to use the most up-to-date version of the protocol.

The method of your integration you are using will determine the protocol that you will use.  Form, Server, and Direct each have their own protocol that must be followed.

Where you can get them

If you would like to download a copy of the protocols, or would like more information on each of the integration types go to our document finder.