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Form Integration - Understanding the process

Why choose Opayo Form?

The Form integration is the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to integration your website with our systems.

Form enables your website to take payments with minimal integration work, this includes us capturing the credit or debit card details from your shoppers on our hosted payment pages.

Most shopping carts, and web hosts who work with our systems are able to offer you an Opayo (Formerly Sage Pay) Form as the first method of integration.  

With Form you have:

  • Increased security of using the Opayo hosted pages to capture card details.
  • Easy to set-up: Because Form is the easiest integration you are able to link this to your site with minimal work.  
  • Encryption: We offer secure encryption of information. You are given a password to encrypt your post to us and we use this information to de-crypt the details and process the transactions for you.
  • Custom Payment Pages : Vendors can develop the standard Opayo payment pages to look and feel like their own without hosting the payment pages on their own site.

How does Form work?

When a transaction is processed through your website using the Form integration you are required to submit a transaction registration post to us.  This post will be encrypted to ensure security using the password that was provided to you by ourselves.

Included in your transaction registration post you will include details of the shopper, along with the amount, currency, and address details.  You will also provide us with a Success and Failure URL, these pages are used to re-direct your shopper after the transaction has been authorised.

Along with this you will also transfer the shopper from your website onto the Opayo payment pages.  We will then require the shopper to enter the card details and submit the transaction for authorisation.  

We will then validate this information to ensure this is correct.  We will then pass the transaction over to the merchant bank, and the card issuing bank (shoppers) to be authorised.

Once authorisation has been given we will then provide you with the results of the transaction status (OK, Rejected, Invalid) and transfer the shopper back to your website.  

Where the customer is passed back through to will depend on the status of the transaction.  If successful, the shopper will be passed to your success URL and if Failed, they will be passed to your failure URL.

Below is a full breakdown of the Form transactional process on the Opayo platform: 


How do I start?

Once you have decided that the Form integration is for you we have a number of documents and tools available to help with your integration. We offer our vendors, partners, and developers integration kits for each method of integration, custom template files to allow for customisation of the payment pages, and protocol and integration guidelines that outline the integration, posts, and requirements of the fields that are submitted through to Opayo.