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Remote Actions

Along with using your MySagePay panel to manage your transactions you are also able to do this remotely without having to log into our system.

What remote actions can I do?

Just like your MySagePay you can manage the transactions that have been processed through your account.
You can;

  • Refund transactions
  • Void transactions
  • Authorise Authenticated transactions
  • Cancel Authenticated transactions
  • Release Deferred transactions
  • Abort Deferred transactions
  • Repeat transactions

Each action will allow you to effectively perform all of the same actions as MySagePay without ever having to access our platform.

Can I use remote actions?

If you would like to manage your transactions remotely you can. 

Normally companies using either the Server or Direct methods of integration will use our remote actions.  

If you are using MySagePay to process your Mail Order transactions or our Form method of integration you normally won’t need to use remote actions but you can if you want.

We won’t restrict you from using remote actions regardless of the integration you are using.

How does it work?

When a transaction is processed through our system your site/booking platform submits a request to us with the transactional information.

The same process applies when using the remote actions.  The only difference in the 2 processes is you will be passing slightly different information, to a different registration URL.

Your system will provide us with the details of the transaction you would like to action, along with the action you are performing.

When you process a transaction through us using the Server or Direct method of integration you will be provided with all of the details needed to perform remote actions.

If however you are using your MySagePay, or the Form method of integration you will need to perform a “Get Transaction Detail” request using our Customised Reporting and Admin panel to obtain the details you need to process a remote action.

Our Customised Reporting and Admin information will help you with performing remote actions.

Once the request has been received we will verify the details, and then perform the action for you.  You will then be sent a confirmation of the action being performed in response to your original request.

What do I need?

If you want to use remote actions to manage your account all you need is a copy of our Shared Protocol Guide. 

You can then integrate this with your site/booking platform and start using the remote actions on your account.

If you are unsure about how to do this we would advise speaking with your web developer who will be able to help.