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Administration User & Password

When logging into your MySagePay for the first time you will need to do so as the main administrative user.

The admin user is set-up by Opayo and provided to you.  You will use the admin user to manage your account and create additional users who can access your MySagePay admin panel.

Why do I have to log in as the admin user?

When your account is first set-up we do not have any users for you.  Because of that we need to ensure that you can access your account and create your own user set.

When you create your own users in MySagePay you are able to give any user admin privileges. 

Once the user has been created, you will be able to access your MySagePay admin panel as your new user and have access to the same information as your Opayo admin user. 

The only difference between your own user with admin rights and the Opayo admin user is the ability to view the encryption password for your account.

The Opayo admin user has access to view the encryption password – for FORM integration only – and is the only user who has the ability to do so.

If we didn’t create a main user for your account you would not be able to access your MySagePay admin panel and manage your transactions.

What privileges does the admin user have?

Your admin user only has access to the “Settings” tab within MySagePay. 

Although you can manage your users, payment page templates, fraud prevention rules, and all other administrative actions you cannot view any transactions when logged in as the admin user.

How do I access my admin user?

After your account has been added to either the TEST or LIVE Opayo platforms we will send you an email that gives you all of the information you need to access your account and also includes a link.

You will need to click on the link in order to set your admin password. 

Once you have done this you can then log into your MySagePay as the admin user and create your own users to access on a day to day basis. 

I’ve forgotten my admin password

If you have forgotten your admin password you can request the link be re-sent via email to the listed billing contact on your Opayo account.

You can do this by calling our support team and they will be able to verify your details and re-send the information to you.

It is important to remember that if you already have created a user with admin rights you may not need to access your account as the main Opayo admin user. 

Any created user with admin rights is able to view and manage MySagePay as the Opayo admin user.