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Page Customiser

Having the ability to quickly edit your payment pages is fundamental to any business.  The newest feature of MySagePay allows you to do just that.

For all customers using the latest version of Opayo – protocol 3.00 you can edit your own payment pages within MySagePay.

The first thing you will need to do is log into your MySagePay panel as a user with administrative rights.  Once logged in click settings followed by Page Customiser from the menu along the left of the screen.

This will open the Page Customiser where you can edit your payment pages.

Test and live

The Page Customiser has been added to both the Opayo test and live platforms giving you the ability to test your pages before you add them to your live account.

Any changes that you make to the payment pages using the Page Customiser on the test platform will not impact your live account in any way. 

This way you have the ability to test out your new look payment pages before you do anything to your live account.

Before you start using the Page Customiser

Before you can start using the Page Customiser to make any changes to your payment pages you will first need to ensure that your Opayo account is set to use the responsive payment pages. 

To do this you will need to log into your MySagePay account and go to the Settings tab.  Once here, select Settings again from the menu on the left of the page. 

In the bottom left box you will see Payment page templates – click the edit button for this and you can then select Responsive for the payment pages. 

You will then be able to use the Page Customiser for your Opayo payment pages. 

Important : You will need to do this on both your test and live MySagePay platforms to use the Page Customiser.

What pages can I edit?

Types of pages

When making changes to your payment pages you have the ability to edit 3 types of payment pages –

Desktop – These are the standard payment pages that will be seen when using desktop computer and some mobile devices with a large enough screen.  

Mobile – These are the standard payment pages optimised for use with smaller mobile devices – mobile phones and tablets with smaller screens.

iFrame – for customers using the Opayo Server method of integration.  The iframe is embedded into your own website giving the shopper the impression the entire payment process is being carried out on your website.

Individual pages

When editing the payment pages for both desktop and iframe there are 3 payment pages that you can edit –

Card selection page – here the shopper will select the payment type they will be using to make the purchase.  They will be able to choose from all of the cards available on your account.

Card details page – this page is used to capture the card details when the transaction is processed.  Information such as Name, Card Number, and Security Code (CVC) are captured here.

Order Summary page – the final page is the summary page where the shopper can review their order before sending for authorisation.

If you are using Opayo Server integration with the iFrame on your website you will only be able to edit one page.  This is the card details page.  

Both the card selection and order confirmation pages are not available if you are using Server iFrame integration.

Editing your pages

To begin editing your payment pages you will first need to select the page you would like to change.  Once chosen you can then edit the page using the options available in the menu on the left of the page.

These options allow you to change the look and feel of your payment pages. 

Any change you make to one page will be applied to all payment pages – you cannot have multiple designs across each individual page.

Who can use the payment Page Customiser?

The requirements for using the Opayo Page Customiser are –

  • You must be processing transactions using the latest version of the Opayo protocol – 3.00.
  • You are using Opayo Form or Server methods of integration.
  • You are processing eCommerce transactions through a webstore.

If you do not meet the above requirements you will unfortunately not be eligible to use the Page Customiser.

How long does it take for my changes to update?

Immediately.  Once you have made the changes to your payment pages and click “Publish” this will update your account and the pages will be available straight away.

How many changes can I make?

As many as you need.  You are not limited to amount of times you change your payment pages.  You are free to edit and publish your pages as often as you need.

Will there be more changes I can make to my payment pages?

Yes, this is only a first release of the Page Customiser.  As more releases are scheduled you will be able to make more changes to your payment pages.