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Adding an IP Address to your account


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Logging into MySagePay     Adding your IP address     Entering your IP Address     Subnet Masks


If you are using either the Server or Direct method of integration for your transactions you will need to enter a valid IP address into your MySagePay admin panel.

This is so our systems will know which IP address to accept transaction posts from and allow payments to be made through your account.

Logging into your MySagePay

Before you can add any IP addresses to your account you will first need to login to your MySagePay admin panel as a user with administrative rights.

You can login to either Test MySagePay or Live MySagePay to add your IP addresses.

Any IP addresses that are added onto your Test account will not be carried over to your Live account.  Also any IP addresses added to Live will not transfer over to test.

If you would like to add an IP address to both Test and Live you will need to log into each MySagePay and enter the IP address manually.

Adding your IP Address

Now that you have logged into your MySagePay you are ready to add your IP address.

The first thing you will need to do is select the “Settings” section from the menu at the top of the page.  

Once you have done this you will see a list of options presented down the left hand panel of the screen.  Select “Valid IPs” from the list and you will be taken to the IP page.

You can then select the “Add” button to enter the IP address you would like to add to your account.

Entering the IP Address

It is important to remember when adding an IP address that our systems require each IP address consist of 12 numbers.

This is to be entered into your MySagePay as 4 banks of 3 numbers separated by a decimal point.

If the IP address you are adding to your account is not in this format you will need to “pad this out”.  Padding out an IP address takes the address you have – regardless of length, and increases it to match the 3 by 4 banks format we require.

To do this you would simply add a 0 to the beginning of any bank of numbers that is less than 3 until you have a full IP address.

A few examples of this would be – 

Your IP Address    Padded IP Address  

By adding 0’s to your IP you are not changing the address that is being used, you are simply formatting it to be accepted by the Opayo system.

Adding the Subnet Mask


When you add an IP address to your Opayo account you will also need to enter a Subnet Mask.

The subnet mask tells the Opayo systems what to accept when a post is received from your IP address.

If for example you enter an IP address of with a subnet mask of the Opayo systems will accept transaction posts from any IP address beginning with 123.123.123.

But if you enter the subnet mask as our systems will only accept transactions that are posted from the exact IP address you have entered.

The subnet mask allows you enter to a single IP address into your MySagePay that will cover a set range of IP addresses on your system.

The Opayo system will only accept Class C subnet masks.