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Adding and changing your transaction types

If you want to add other transaction types to your account we are able to help.

There are 3 types of standard transaction types you can process through your account.

  • Payment – the funds are automatically debited from your shopper without any action from you.
  • Authenticated – you have 90 days to process, there is no authorisation on the transaction until you process.
  • Deferred – 30 days are allowed for you to take the funds for a transaction.  

Alongside the above transaction types we offer a number of other options to you.  

Have a look at the transaction types you can have on your account 

How do I get the transaction types added?

Once you have decided on the transaction types you would like to add to your account all you need to do is send us an e-mail.

We will need the e-mail to be sent to us from the listed billing contact on the account to with your vendor name, and the payment types you would like to be added onto your account.

We will then add the payment types onto your account for you.

Changing the transaction type on your account

Once we have added the additional transaction types to your account you will be able to change the type you are using for your transactions.

To do this all depends on how you are processing your transactions.  

If you are using MySagePay to process mail order transactions you can change within the terminal screen, however if you are using the online payments facility to process your transactions this will have to be changed on your systems not ours.


To change the transaction type you are using for Mail Order transactions all you need to do is log into your MySagePay panel and select the terminal tab.

You can log into live MySagePay or test MySagePay.

Once you have selected the terminal tab click on the Advanced tab to be taken to the transaction type section.

You will then be able to select transaction type and change this to the type you would like to use.


When changing the transaction for your Mail Order transactions you will need to do this each time you process a transaction through your account.

If you still have the transaction type payment available on your account your terminal will always revert to that.

We can remove the transaction types from your account that you are not using and this will default to the transaction type you would like to use.

Online Payments

If you are processing transactions through your own website, or a back end booking system and you do not use MySagePay to process your transactions the change will need to be made on your systems.

When a transaction is processed on your system you send us a “post” with all of the details that are needed for us to accept the transaction.

The “post” contains details such as your customer name, address, the value and currency of the transaction.  Alongside this there is a field called TxType which determines the transaction type you are using.

In order to change the transaction type you are using to process your transaction, you will need to change this field.

For example if you are using the transaction type payment the field you submit with the post will be TxType=Payment, all you will need to do is change this to the new transaction type that has been added onto your account.

If you are not sure how to do this, we would advise you speak with your web developer who will be able to help.