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Void a transaction


Once a transaction has been processed through your account successfully you have the option to perform a void.

Voiding a transaction will prevent the funds from being transferred from your shoppers account into your own, or in the case of a refund, from your account into your shoppers.

You are able to perform a void on;

  • Payments
  • Releases
  • Authorises
  • Refunds

This is because all of the above are ready to move the funds from one account into another.  A void will cancel this and stop any funds moving before settlement has taken place.


For payments and refunds you can only void a transaction on the day it has been processed. 

For authorises and releases you can only void on the day the transaction has been authorised or released. Not the day the authenticate, or deferred has been captured.

Locating the transaction to Void

After logging into the account you will first need to locate the transaction you wish to void.

To do this select the transactions tab within MySagePay and use the options available to locate the transaction.

Performing the Void

Now that you have located the authenticate transaction you are ready to void.

Simply click on the transaction you wish to authorise, you will then be presented with the transaction detail screen.

On the bottom right corner of the transaction detail screen you will see the option to void.

Click on the void button and you will be prompted to enter your user password and you will then need to click the void button again.

You have now successfully voided a transaction.