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Logging into MySagePay



Test or Live?

The status of your account will determine which MySagePay area you will need to access.

If your account is processing transactions and fully functional on your website you will log into live MySagePay. 

If however, your account is still in testing, or your website is still undergoing development and integration you will log into the Test MySagePay​ area.

The log in pages for each MySagePay are;

Test MySagePay 
Live MySagePay

Logging in

Once  you have reached the log in page for your account you will be asked to enter your credentials.

You will be required to enter these credentials each time you want to log into your account.  Once you have entered all of the information simply click sign in to be taken into your MySagePay.


When logging  into your account there are a few things to remember;

  • Your vendor name will always remain the same
  • The username and password are specific to your account
  • If you have created a user on test it will not automatically carry over onto live, also applies on live