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Adding Surcharges to your account


If you are using the latest version of the Opayo protocol – 3.00 you are able to apply surcharges on the transactions that are processed through your account.

What are Surcharges?

Surcharges are an additional charge that you are able to apply to the transactions that are processed through your Opayo account.

Transactions that are sent for authorisation are subject to processing charges from the merchant bank.  Surcharges enable you to pass the processing charges that you incur onto your customers.

Commonly you will pay a fixed amount for debit cards that you process and a percentage amount for the credit cards that are accepted. Because of this Opayo give you the option to add both a fixed amount and percentage amount when applying a surcharge.

What values can the surcharges be?

Surcharges can only be added to cover the processing charges that are incurred by your business.

There is no actual limit to the value of the surcharges that are added to your account.  You are however, not able to exceed the processing costs that you pay.

Some businesses apply surcharges to completely cover the costs that they incur while others use the surcharges to subsidise the charges.

For example if your debit card charges are £0.50 per transaction you can add a surcharge to cover any value up to this exact amount.  You are also able to do this with the percentage surcharges.

How to add surcharges to your account

You can add surcharges to your account in one of 2 ways.

The first is to add the surcharges within MySagePay.  To do this you will first need to log into MySagePay as a user with administrative rights.

Once you logged into your account you will need to select “Settings > Surcharges”.

You can then add the surcharges to your account. 

First you will need to select the card type that you would like the surcharge to be applied too.  If you have multiple currencies available on your account you can also select the currency for the surcharge.

Next, you can choose between either Fixed or Percentage. 

  • Fixed – applies a specific value to the card type.
  • Percentage – applies a percentage of the value of the transaction as a surcharge.

Finally you will need to select the value of the surcharge. 

Now that everything has been selected click “add” and this will apply the surcharges to your account.  All of the surcharges that are added on your account will be displayed within MySagePay.

Using the SurchargeXML field

Alongside adding the surcharges using MySagePay you are able to use the SurchargeXML field in your transaction registration.

The SurchargeXML field allows you to apply surcharges to your account without the need of adding them to MySagePay. 

You can find out more about the SurchargeXML field in our article.


How many surcharges can I have on my account?

There is no limit to the amount of surcharges that you can have active on your account.  Each card that is accepted on your account can have a surcharge enabled.

You can only have one surcharge per card type on your account.  The Opayo system will not allow multiple surcharges to be added on any account.