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Finding an authorisation code

If you are looking to get an authorisation code for a transaction that has been processed through your account we are able to help you find this.

Log into MySagePay

In order to obtain the authorisation code for the transaction you will first need to log into your MySagePay panel.

You can do this by going to Live MySagePay.

Locating the transaction

Once logged in you will need to locate the transaction that you would like the authorisation code for.

To do this select the transaction tab, select the date of the transaction and the results will appear below the search criteria.

If you are not able to locate the transaction you can refine your report by clicking on the advanced button to the right of the date ranges.  

Getting the authorisation code

Now that you have located the transaction you will simply need to “click” on the customer name, this will then bring up the transaction detail screen.

By selecting authorisation Details from the list on the left of the pop-up you will be able to see the authorisation codes for the transaction.

You will be given both the Bank authorisation code and the VPS authorisation code for the transaction.

  • Bank authorisation code – Is the authorisation code provided by the bank for the transaction.
  • VPS authorisation code – Is the authorisation code assigned to the transaction by Opayo.

If your shoppers are having any issues with the transaction and they would like the authorisation code you will only need to provide them with the bank authorisation code and not the VPS authorisation code.

No authorisation code 

Some transactions that are processed through our systems are not always authorised.  

Most failed transactions will not have an authorisation code.  

For successful transactions you will only see the transaction types authenticated, and refunds without authorisation codes.

What does no authorisation code mean?

If a transaction does not have an authorisation code it has not been authorised by the bank.  As it has not been authorised by the bank no funds will be taken from your shoppers.