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Transaction CANCELLED by Opayo after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is normally because the customer closed their browser

This message will be displayed when your customer (shopper) has disrupted the Opayo transactional process.

When a transaction is processed through the Opayo system the customer will need to remain on the pages for the transaction to complete.

If at any stage during the transaction your shopper leaves the Opayo pages then the transaction will time out and not be processed through the account.

How does this happen?

When a customer leaves the Opayo payment pages before the transaction has completed will cannot archive the transaction and mark it as successful.

With the customer leaving the pages the transaction remains “active” for 15 minutes.  After the 15 minutes of inactivity have passed and the transaction has not progressed it will time out and be marked as a failed transaction on our systems.

The transaction will then be archived and added to your MySagePay admin panel as failed.  Transactions that have not yet timed out will not appear in MySagePay as failed transactions. 

Common causes

The most common cause for this transaction status is –

Transaction taking longer than normal to process – if the transaction is taking longer than normal to process customers will close the page to start the transaction again.

Customer changes their mind – the customer does not want to process the order and simply navigates away from the page.

Customer wants to change their order – if a customer would like to change the details of the order – address details, product, volume and navigate back through to your website.

How can I prevent this?

There is nothing you can do as a business to prevent this error.  Customers need to stay on the payment pages until the transaction has completed – either successful or failed. 

The only thing possible is to place a notification on your own pages advising customers to stay on the payment pages throughout and not to close the browser. 

Unfortunately generation of this error is out of your control as a business.