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Open up to a new normal with Opayo

Watch our animated infographic to discover how consumer habits have changed during the pandemic – and how businesses have innovated, pivoted and adapted rapidly in response. Click the image to watch

Changing the Retail Landscape

From fighting over toilet rolls to shopping local: find out about headline developments in retail 2020, there are many reasons to be optimistic as businesses align to a new market reality.

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The New Consumer

Retailers have recently seen the law of cause and effect in full force, find out about the latest shopper trends, changes in consumer behaviour, and the psychological impact this is likely to have moving forward.

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New Ideas and Innovation

Find out about demons in Brussels sprouts, and how retailers are responding to the current crisis – including the reinvention of core services and finding new ways to delight customers.

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Rise of the Online Local

From Klingon cloaking devices to new options in home delivery: discover how consumers are turning to local providers in growing numbers, and the possibilities opening up for online local retailers.

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How to launch an eCommerce business during the pandemic and beyond

Watch this webinar on demand to discover how you can successfully launch or transition your business online, whether during the pandemic or beyond. Explore the challenges that can occur along the way, and the many opportunities that open up as you expand into eCommerce.

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Have you got the vital ingredients for restaurant success?

Key tech and payment innovations are now critical for hospitality success. As customer expectations grow about booking, ordering and paying, this report from our partner Discover ® Global Network is vital reading.

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Starting an eCommerce Business

Watch this webinar on demand to hear about how eCommerce has become even more important for businesses as they seek to find new opportunities for growth, whilst engaging with socially distanced consumers.

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Hierarchy of consumer needs

Consumers have changed. But what are their top priorities now? How should you adapt to suit different people with different preferences? And what are those extra ‘nice-to-haves’ that can take your service from good to great? Download our consumer needs infographic to find out.

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