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With Opayo Pay By Phone MOTO solutions, merchants now have the opportunity to receive orders, and send deliveries in a flash by taking payments either via one of our stand alone card machines or our virtual terminal.

Whether you’re accepting card payments virtually, over the phone or via an online catalogue, our solutions ensure your business keeps moving when you aren’t able to take payments face-to-face or in-store. We understand many businesses are responding to the changing climate, that’s why our solutions are designed for use by sole traders, fast-food restaurants, independent retailers, pharmacies and small businesses who want to accept low-to-medium payments over the phone. 

Our virtual terminal card payment solution is PCI DSS compliant and comes with built-in advanced fraud screening tools. You can have peace of mind knowing you can identify potentially fraudulent transactions quickly, helping protect you from any additional costs and chargebacks. This is particularly important in an environment when completing a card-not-present transaction as it’s harder to check that the persons identity. Rest assured you have end-to-end protection with PCI DSS compliance. For more information on MOTO and Virtual Terminal payments, please contact the Opayo team on 0800 077 3471. 

Features & Benefits of our Virtual Terminal

Setting up a virtual terminal for your business is easier than ever before, without the need to invest in new systems or technology, simply log in and you’re ready to go. Our MOTO solutions are designed to maximise your sales opportunities by offering your customers a quick and efficient alternative way to pay.

Give Your Customers More Choice

Pay By Phone is easy to set up

Real Time Reporting on Every Transaction

Keep track of your cashflow in one place

Free Fraud Screening & Prevention Tools

Cardholder checks on name, address and postcode

Stay Connected to Your Customer

Take payments from customers anywhere, anytime

Multiple Payments at the Same Time

Multiple users can take orders on different devices

Multiple Currencies

Accept credit and debit card payments in over 25 currencies

Trusted by thousands businesses

What is the right MOTO Solution for my business?

Choosing the right MOTO solution for your business can seem somewhat confusing. We offer two main options, MOTO PAN Key Entry using your pin entry device or Virtual Terminal. Depending on your company’s needs, there is an ideal solution for you. Our MOTO Virtual Terminal has a more extensive product offering; you can benefit from transaction reporting, returns and refunds processing, and fraud screening tools to help identify any potentially fraudulent activity.

Merchants are able to accept card payments via the virtual terminal as well as use a manual PAN key entry system to complete transactions quickly and with ease. Take at our comparison chart to assist you in making the right decision. 

Simple Pricing Plans

Choose from our Small Business or Corporate Solutions pricing plans.

Small Business

100 transactions per month - Free advanced fraud screening tools - 24/7 telephone, email and Twitter support - £15 /month


1500+ transactions per month - Bespoke fraud screening tools - Dedicated account manager - Bespoke Pricing

Why Choose Opayo?

At Opayo, we use our expertise to help merchants across the world grow and expand their businesses


With years of working alongside businesses, we are confident that we can provide a service that is not only reliable but also completely secure.


Whether you want to take card payments over the phone or would like to set up an integrated POS system, we can offer you advice on which solution is ideal for you.


Want to know more about virtual terminal? Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any queries or concerns. Simply contact us online or call on 0800 084 6797.

Virtual Terminal frequently asked questions

A virtual terminal is a secure web page that merchants can use to process card payments online.
Merchants are able to process transactions with an internet connection and access to the MySagePay portal. With your provided virtual terminal you can directly enter transaction details and customer payment data to process orders.
If you are an existing Opayo customer who has Elavon as your acquirer, we have automatically enabled your Merchant ID / terminal and you are ready to take orders over the phone. You can do this by entering the Primary Account Number (PAN) and other card details into your terminal to process the order. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t currently support fraud screening or transaction reporting. When posting or delivering your item you may wish to enclose the receipt from your Pin-Entry-Device (PED). In-light of the current COVID-19, novel coronavirus pandemic we are working with acquirers to open this up to more customers , please contact us if you would like to enquire about accepting payments over the phone.
If you are an existing Opayo customer with an ecommerce presence and you already have a MOTO Merchant ID enabled, you are ready and set up to take payments using our virtual terminal. You can do this by logging into MySagePay and selecting the ‘Terminal’ tab at the top of your screen. Enter the order information and billing details, then process your order. What’s more, by using a virtual terminal you’ll be able to keep track of your orders and get added protection. All orders are processed with our free fraud screening tool which performs a number of checks on available cardholder information including the address and postcode (AVS) and the 3-digit security code on the back of the card (CV2), allowing you to review and investigate any suspicious activity
To accept different payment types like Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners over the phone, you will need one or multiple merchant accounts (or merchant IDs). This allows your payments to be authorised and transferred into your business bank account. If you are new to Opayo or require a MOTO Merchant ID we can help you get started, apply online today or contact us on 0191 313 0300 to find out more.

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