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Tokenization allows for a smoother checkout process while keeping customer information secure and compliant with government regulations. For existing customers interested in discovering more about tokenization or if you would like to accept tokens when you sign up, please contact our team for further advice.

What is Tokenization in payments?

“Tokenization” is a word that is used more frequently due to the rise in businesses accepting mobile payment apps. Tokenization is essentially used as another layer of security to protect card information. Token payments protect sensitive data by replacing it with non-sensitive data such as an algorithmically generated number called a token. Credit card tokenization replaces the customer’s PAN (primary account number) with a series of randomly-generated numbers which is then referred to as a token. 

The token system allows your customers to register their card on your website to use for future purchases.They are essentially used to prevent credit and debit card fraud and reduce the checkout time by using stored customer data to complete transactions as opposed to requesting card information each time. Due to the PAN never being compromised, the chance of fraudulent activity through tokens are very low. 

This form of payment is ideal to encourage customer retention as entering card details multiple times can often be tiresome. With the option to pay by one click, customers can enjoy a speedy checkout that still remains secure and compliant with data security regulations.  

How does the Opayo payment tokenization solution work?

The Opayo payment system offers merchants the ability to tokenize card details as part of the payment process. This is when card details are registered and stored with the Opayo gateway, returning you with a  unique identifier code or token for you to store. When a customer returns to your online store, they simply login-in and select the token to complete the purchase removing the need to enter their card details again. This tokenization system works with = Pi Server and Direct methods of integration with Opayo. Using our token payment system, merchants can process a transaction and create a token on the back of a purchase.

The Opayo payment tokenization solution will capture all of the shopper's card details that will be stored on the system. Later when processing future transactions, you will send us the “token” that has already been created, instead of requesting the customer to re-enter their card details. 

Features & Benefits of Tokenization

Quick, Seamless Service

Tokens allow customers to complete transactions far quicker and efficiently

Cost Efficient

Storing customer information can be costly. Opayo takes on the management of cardholder data, freeing funds and storage.

Secure Transactions

Stolen tokenized data cannot be used to pay online as they are not linked to customer card data stored with Opayo.

Minimise Cart Abandonment

Fast payments with minimal steps can prevent customers from abandoning cart items.

PCI Compliant

Reduce card fraud & ensure payments are processed securely.

One-Click Payments

With one-click payments after the initial setup, customers can make payments with ease time and time again

Why Choose Opayo?


As one of the UK’s most reliable payment providers, we offer a variety of face to face payments that are entirely tailored to match your business requirements.


Our face-to-face payment solutions are PCI DSS compliant and PCI PTS certified, so that you know your business and customers are always protected.


Our payment terminal experts can help you every step of the way. From advising you on which integrated payment solution to choose to setting up your account, we are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

Tokenization frequently asked questions

When registering a token with Opayo, we will not store any other information aside from the customer’s card details. When the token is then sent back to you, it will need to be stored against the correct customer for future use. If you decide to use our tokenization system, we recommend having a “log in” step for your customers so they can have their own account on your system, therefore allowing you to assign a token to them individually. If the wrong token is sent for the wrong customer, we will still process the transaction as we have no way to associate the token with the customer.
Storing a token on your Opayo account is relatively easy. Every time a token is used for a transaction, you include the field – StoreToken=1. The value 1 states that you would like us to continue to store the token on our system. Alternatively, if you would like us to delete the token from our system, you can pass the field StoreToken=0 through our system. Please be aware that if you choose to remove a token, you cannot restore it. You would then need to re-capture the details directly from the customer.

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