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If you want to accept debit or credit card payments through a card machine, online or over the phone, you’ll need a merchant account.

What is a merchant account?

The merchant account is the link between you and your customers. A merchant account will check there are enough funds in a customer’s bank account to complete a transaction. If the correct funds are available, the payment will be accepted and funds from debit and credit transactions are deposited into the merchant account and will be released into your bank account in  3-5 business days.

To start processing transactions through our systems, you will first need a merchant number. You can apply for merchant numbers through your acquirer or apply for an account by using our own merchant account services.  Currently, there are three types of merchant numbers accepted by Opayo: Ecommerce, Mail Order, Telephone Order (MOTO) and Continuous Authority. Click here for more information.

To speak to the Opayo team about setting up your merchant account, contact us on 0800 078 3940.

Features and Benefits of a Merchant Account

A merchant account can benefit businesses in many ways. Although setting up one may seem daunting, the process is relatively quick and easy to understand. Opayo can help you get competitive rates, improve your business cash flow through speedy authorisations and secure services. By offering a number of payment options, you can keep customers happy with a frictionless checkout.

Handheld Application Process

Apply for a merchant account quickly from your mobile phone.

Competitive Rates

We offer highly competitive rates for merchants; a tailored service to suit your business needs


All your payment solutions and merchant services in one place.

24/7 Support

Our customer services team is available around the clock to assist you with any issues.

Accept a Range of Payment Types

Our merchant account services include Visa, MasterCard or American Express and more.

PCI Compliant

Reduce card fraud & ensure payments are processed securely

Start accepting payments today

When you have a merchant account through Opayo, you have the ability to accept transactions via a range of payment methods from online payments, face-to-face payments and virtual terminal payments. Our payment options are designed to suit your business requirements. 

Whether a customer wants to make a purchase in-store or from the comfort of their home online, you will be able to cater for them. It’s important to know you may need multiple merchant accounts depending on how you accept payments. If you have multiple store locations with a card machine, we advise having a merchant account for each location. Similarly, if you want to accept online payments, you’ll also need a merchant account, even if you have one for your brick and mortar store. You will also need a different merchant account if you want to take card payments over the phone or via mail order

Opayo provides several payment solutions to allow your business to offer entirely flexible paying options to your customers. We cover everything from online payments to integrated P.O.S. systems that can be altered to fit your needs perfectly. 

Payment solutions for your business

Opayo provides several payment solutions to allow your business to offer entirely flexible paying options to your customers. We cover everything from online payments to integrated P.O.S. systems that can be altered to fit your needs perfectly.

Online payments

Receive payments fast and securely online.

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Process mail orders and payments over the phone securely using our intuitive web-based virtual terminal interface.

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Point of Sale

Omnichannel solutions to enable your customers to pay in-store, online, over the phone and mobile.

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Why Choose Opayo?

One of the UK's leading payment providers Opayo are experts in helping businesses expand across the country.


With our innovative suite of products and services, your business can benefit from the best technology in the industry.


Our goal is to help you take payments securely while ensuring that transactions are made effectively and with little impact to your business.


If you have any questions or concerns, you need not worry. With Opayo, you are guaranteed customer service 24/7 with no limits on queries, big or small.

Merchant Services frequently asked questions

If you are planning to accept payment over the internet, the phone or even by mail, you will need a merchant account to process these transactions.
Every business that wants to accept card payments will need to get a merchant account (also called a merchant ID). If you already have a merchant number you can apply for your Opayo account online with us. If you don't yet have a merchant number, we can help you set up a merchant account quickly and easily. Contact us to speak to a member of our team.

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