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Where to find an Account Reference Number

Each month you will receive an invoice from us with your charges for the previous month.

They will be sent out via e-mail within the first few days of each month, and will be sent to the listed billing contact on your account.

If you submit a query to our support email address you may be required to provide your account reference number in line with our protocol on DPA to help us determine if you are authorised to receive or change sensitive account or transaction information.

If you are the Billing contact for an account then you will need to open one of your invoices and your account reference can be found as highlighted below:



If you are not the Billing contact on an account you will need to obtain this number from the person who receives the invoices for your account.


Finding your Merchant Number

As an alternative to your Account Reference number you can also provide your Merchant Number, also known as your MID, in order to fulfill DPA regulations to help us determine if you are authorised to receive or change sensitive account or transaction information.

Your Merchant Number (MID) can be found in MySagePay by following the below steps:

1. In MySagePay, select on the Transactions Tab.

2. Find a successful transaction and select the customer’s name to bring up the transaction view.

3. Select the section in the transaction labelled ‘Authorisation details’.

4. Here you’ll see the Merchant account labelled ‘Merchant number’.

Or watch this short demo: