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Authorisation Process

Every time a shopper processes a transaction through the Opayo system there are 3 steps that are completed in order for the transaction to complete.

  • 3D Secure
  • Authorisation
  • Settlement

After completing all stages the funds for the transaction will then be moved from the shoppers bank account into your merchant account.

3D Secure

Before the transaction is sent for authorisation, the shopper will be transferred to the 3d Secure page to complete validation.  

The shopper will be required to enter the 3d Secure Authentication process in order to complete password validation.

Please note that 3d Secure is an optional process that you must have enabled on your Opayo account in order use.

For more information on 3d Secure please click here


Once the shopper has submitted their card details, and completed 3d Secure the transaction will be sent to the bank for authorisation.

The bank will either approve and authorise the transaction, or decline this.  If approved, the value of the payment will be reserved on the shoppers account.  The funds will be able to be taken during settlement. 

Once reserved, the shopper will not be able to spend those funds elsewhere.


At the end of each day, we will collate all transactions on your account that have been authorised for that day.  We will then submit these transactions to the bank during settlement.

This will include the authorisation codes for all transactions processed through your account for the day and will result in the funds being moved from the shoppers account into your own.

It will take approximately 3-4 days for the funds to appear into your account, however this is dependent on the agreement that is in place with your bank when you applied for your merchant number.