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Why do you need a merchant number?

Before you can start to process transactions through our systems you must first obtain a merchant number.

We are online payment gateway who provide a secure link between your website and bank.  We capture, and carry sensitive information from your shoppers in a secure manner.

A merchant number is required to allow you to accept any transactions through your account.  

The merchant number is used to process the transactions through your merchant bank and enables the funds to be moved from your shoppers to your own account.

There are 3 different types of merchant number that can be used with our system, for more information you can check out the different types of merchant accounts . 

Without a merchant number you are not able to use our system, nor are you able to process any transactions through your website.

You can either apply for a merchant number through your own bank, or apply for a merchant account using our owMerchant Account Services

For more information on the merchant banks that we work with go to our supported banks page