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Transaction Types

Opayo offer you a wide variety of transaction types that you can process through your account with ourselves.
The transaction types that are available to you when setting up your account are:

  • Payment
  • Deferred – Release - Abort
  • Authenticate – Authorise - Cancel
  • Repeat
  • Refund
  • Void

Each of the types differ in the way they process transactions through your account.


A Payment is the standard transaction type that is processed through our systems.

When the card information is captured on the payment pages, and the payment has been passed through to the bank for authorisation, a payment will simply automatically send the transaction for settlement at the end of each working day.

A payment requires no action from you in order to receive the funds into your account.  Once the payment has been processed successfully the funds will be moved into your account.

Deferred – Release – Abort 

The deferred – release – abort transaction type is a 2 step process for accepting a transaction through your account.

A deferred transaction, once captured will be available on your account for 30 days before the funds can be taken and credited to your account. 

The deferred transaction when captured is sent to the bank for authorisation and will then allow you to take the funds within the 30 days.

In order to receive the funds for a deferred transaction, you must release this either remotely, or through your MySagePay admin area.

Releasing the transaction instructs us to send the transaction for settlement at the end of the day.

If you do not want to process the release you can abort this which will prevent any funds from being taken from your shoppers account.

The deferred – release – abort transaction type is commonly used when your business prefers to take the transaction prior to accepting the funds.  Made to order goods businesses use this transaction type to good effect.

Authenticate – Authorise - Cancel

An Authenticate – Authorise – Cancel transaction is another 2 step process for accepting transactions through your Opayo account.

This transaction type allows you to register the shopper’s details with ourselves and store the transaction for 90 days before taking the funds.

Unlike the deferred transaction type, an Authenticate simply registers the transaction with ourselves and does not contact the bank for authorisation.

Once you are ready to take the funds from your shopper you can then perform an authorise. An authorise submits the transaction on your account to the bank to obtain authorisation.  

You can perform an authorise in 2 ways, either manually completing an authorise within your MySagePay, or remotely through your own system.

As there is no contact with the bank when the authenticate transaction is processed you are able to store the transaction for far longer than you are able with the deferred transaction type.


The repeat transaction type allows you to take multiple payments from your shoppers without having to capture the card details each time.

When processing a repeat transaction there are no restrictions on the amount you are able to charge. 

In order to be able to use the repeat transaction type you first require a Continuous Authority merchant account.


A refund allows you to credit the funds that have already been taken for a transaction, back to your shopper.

You are able to complete a refund on our systems for up to 2 years after the transaction has been processed, or until the card has expired.

To complete a refund you can either process this through your own MySagePay, or through your own back office system.

With a refund, you are only able to credit your shoppers the total of the original transaction, and no more.


The Void transaction type allows you to cancel any payments, releases, authorises, or refunds,

Once a transaction has been processed through our system and authorised the transaction will be sent to the bank for settlement.

A void allows you to prevent any transaction from being settled through our system, and the funds moving from your shoppers account to your own.  Or in the case of a refund, from your account back to your shopper.