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Terminal ID's

What are terminal ID’s?

A Terminal ID or TID is a unique number that is assigned to your merchant number when you apply for an account with us.

They are a series of numbers (usually 8 digits long) that are used to assign the transactions processed through your account to your merchant number.

Once you have applied for a Opayo account and supplied us with your merchant number we will assign terminal ID’s to the merchant number and send these to your merchant bank to be confirmed.

Why have terminal ID’s?

In order for your merchant account to be able to process transactions the terminal ID’s must first be confirmed by your bank and added to your merchant number.

The terminal ID’s are required for your merchant number to be used with Opayo.

How do they get added?

Once your application has been submitted to us and your account added onto the test account, we will assign 2 terminal ID’s to your merchant number and send these to your banks for confirmation.

After the terminal ID’s have been confirmed on your merchant account you will then be able to process transactions through your Opayo account.

Terminal ID’s usually take 3-5 days to be confirmed on your merchant number.